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HT Hinge Joint Stock Fence HT8-80-15

HT Hinge Joint Stock Fence HT8-80-15

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HT8/80/15 galvanised stock fencing is suitable for lamb, sheep, pig and livestock. This is currently the most popular type of agricultural wire netting pattern supplied in the UK.
Manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised high tensile wire, which conforms to BSEN10244 for a longer maintenance free life.
High tensile wire netting is up to 3 times stronger than traditional mild steel stockfence. It’s spring like properties can be strained tighter, it will elongate less than 1% until taut.
Simply strain out 50% of the tension curves and you will have a fence that will perform in the varying climatic changes and retain its tension throughout its lifetime. Due to the elasticity of the netting, intermediate stakes can be spaced further apart upto 3.5m terrain dependant, this will give you a saving in both material and labour costs, whilst providing you with a very strong long lasting fence.

Specifications –
Suitable for
Sheep, pigs and cows
Overall height
80cm / 800mm / 2’6″
No. of line wires
Distance between vertical wires
15cm / 150mm / 5.9″
Distance between horizontal wires
Variable (see product image for mesh pattern)
Wire gauge
2.5mm high tensile wire throughout
Knot type
Hinge joint
Available roll lengths

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